A mobile jewellery appraisal service, Gem & Jewels comes to you
This allows you the most convenient, safest, worry free environment possible- your own home or office.

Professional Management of insurance claims, for damage loss, or theft of jewellery. Christine’s expertise will guide you through the sometimes daunting task of completing these forms.  An itemized list of the stolen/damaged jewellery, and an allocated replacement cost to the insurance company is included in this service. We do our utmost to make this settlement process stress free.

The price of gold continues to skyrocket; nothing seems to be as volatile as the precious metals market. Is it a good time to sell that unwanted jewellery?

Christine’s great passion is in the design and manufacture of quality jewellery and she always appraised with integrity.
Celebrate those precious moments in life; make your design a reality!

Gem and Jewels repairs gold and platinum jewellery. We also fix watches and we restring gem bead necklaces and pearls. Preserve your jewellery items by having the items inspected FREE OF CHARGE.

Gem and Jewels will accompany a client to an auction for the purposes of making the most informed decision. Please feel free to ask Christine any question involving buying jewellery and rest assured that her knowledge and expertise will help you make the right choice.

Don’t get stopped at the border! Get a Gem and Jewels travel dossier. A travel dossier lists all of the jewellery you are taking with you. Our dossiers will help you have a hassle free entry/exit at border crossings.

Christine is a professional and you can trust her discretion in dealing with your assets for the division of any jewellery property.

Dedicated to all your jewellery needs… you can count on Gem and Jewels.